Fashion Rules You Must Know

Fashion Dec 14, 2021

There are a lot of difficulties for fashionistas. Depending on the styles or the way you have been born, seems that it requires a constant struggle to stay in a line with the changing trends and current styles without changing your own way and keeping your unique style or a personality intact.

To follow all the trends it's not that important to take courses or lectures or even latest fashion shows are not that important to transform your own style and makes a modern fashion sense.

While scrolling through the social media we probably heard the term "Sustainable fashion" at some point or another. As the time passes people begun to learn about the environmental damage that the fashion industry caused. Influencers and many other activists advocate their followers to invest in a sustainable wardrobe.

Now there is a question from all of you, how does one can create a sustainable wardrobe? How one can create a wardrobe that is equally aesthetic and can please you all above all it is affordable? You all are lucky here the answer to your question. It isn't that difficult to create a such wardrobe as it may seem.

We rounded up some essential and useful tips that will help you to create the perfectly aesthetic, pleasing and affordable wardrobe.

Let's be real to yourself. And begin a journey of creating a more sustainable wardrobe

1: Trans-seasonal clothes

When ever you go on a shopping try to buy a trans-seasonal cloths. Cloths like a t-shirts, jackets, jeans, light sweaters, and staples is so-called a trans-seasonal clothes. No matter what the season is  trans-seasonal clothes are must in your wardrobe. They are the environment friendly and are also smarter financial investments.

As  trans -seasonal clothes last all the year this means that you won't need too many clothes in your wardrobe, and you will end up less consuming.

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2: Handbags

If you think handbags are one of the most important women accessory item, then you are right. Handbags are known as the most essential item for women's collection.

Once again, it isn't essential how much you pay for the bag whether it's from the budget ZARA or the most expensive one from channel which worth several thousand rupees. But, the essential thing is that the bag you carry expresses who you are.

3: Shoes

Everyone knows about those stylish shoes that looks beautiful and cute, but they become torturing device for our pinky toe when they pinch them.

When you are looking for a trendy shoes, don't forget to keep them simple and to keep them practical. All of us choose shoes that are comfy and more sensible than those newly released trending shoes that torture you feet. Just released trending shoes became huge in couple of months but by choosing right accessories comfy shoes also became a trending style. 

4: Makeup and Hairstyles

Makeup and hairstyles are equally important as clothes for a women. Fashion is not all about the way you dressed up but also the way you carry your makeup and hairs.

From the beginning to the present time makeup has transformed itself from too much makeup to simply showing up your own naked skin. Yes, natural skin has flaws, and it is not shameful to live with flaws but simply adding up to your beauty using some makeup is not a big deal.

So, there is no risk to overload your look with heavy makeup or hair. Try using some dark lipsticks shades without any other makeup on your skin and for hair try a ponytail or simple loose curls or beach waves rather than elaborating anything.

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5: Confidence

FASHION is the way you can express your self-confidently. Fashion is all about playing with different colors or ideas, and mixing different colors, ideas, trends, styles together and creating your own new style and trend. Your own unique sense of fashion.

There is one thing that you must know and learn, it's that: How to show your own unique individuality? And not worrying about people what they think.

If you are meters tall you can still wear heels, if you are short there no need to wear clothes that makes you look taller, you can wear animal print and anything you want and anything that makes you look better and feels better.

People will respect you the way you are. So be true to yourself and don't try to fit in the standards of time. Follow these rules and try to find out which rule works better for you.