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Fashion Dec 12, 2021

Another season and another round of new styles to try. The end of 2021 is here, faster than we think. But that means we'll soon be able to get new fashion trends to look forward to. With the changing temperature it's time to bring out your long coats, boots, and neutral shades, ready to layer. from retro-inspired elements to classic garments, fashion has never looked so thrilling.

Here are trends that we saw all over the year 2022 runaways during fashion months and we are able to wear them everyday, so get starting experimentation on how to wear them best right at this every moment.

1: Shades of Yellow

The best reality about the fashion trend is that we can customize it to befit our style, nothing matter how and what the style may exist. Testing out different shades to see which colors work best with our coloring, but according to the general thumb rule warm undertones works best with warmer shades like honey or butterscotch while cooler undertones looks well with cool shades like lemon.

Marigold, lemon, buttercup, honey, banana, daffodil-all these beautiful shades of yellow and more will be great trend in 2022.

2: Bold Color Combinations

It’s moment to pitch into the shade trends of 2022. Spring 2022 is all about in-your- face color combination that are on the edge of colliding. the non casual way to avoid is actually looking like the way you dressed up. dresses in the dark to stick to solid shades for short custom colors- blocked outfits.
Magenta and timber green, bright yellow and violet purple, hot pink and cherry red are the non casual and bold combinations ever. with all theses bold colors it's best to keep accessories as simple as possible.

3: Fringes

We all know that in 2020 fringes was hoped to be on of the biggest trends of the time and we also know it turned out. but in 2022 fringes has held on and is back for a another attempt. But, this time with more western glam twist.
Rather than dealing with super-long silky fringes that demand additional detangling and brushing hairs, or stereotypical suede fringes on cowboy boots, the final in of fringes is to combine two aesthetics for being in between.

4: Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottoms are trend from 70's and 80's which have recently made comeback. they retro summer styles for fashion divas. These bell bottom trousers are perfect for those who want to show their legs more slimmer and longer.

These are also perfect for office looks, we can match them with black or neutral colored trousers with white shirt and short vest. Keeping the shirt or blouse untucked for a casual look. For everyday style we can also combine ethnic bell bottom pants with a boho top.

5: Animal Prints

Animal prints consistently make a comeback with the ultimate fashion wrench. Prints like leopard, zebra or indeed tiger are steadily taking the limelight. breaking animal prints is like enduring the energy of outlandish commonwealths and their tempers.

6:Halter necks

The 2000 trend is agone in 2021 with a makeover. The band around the neck anymore has a ultramodern spin. The halter neck shirts commonly works for every fashion and bulk type.
even so, additionally it's better to advance for a neutrals or black, If you are into minimum flavor.

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