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Travelling Jan 3, 2022

The opening of the world after coronavirus pandemic, the only one thing in the front of us is traveling. Hopping that year 2022 will see many family reunions, loved ones catching up and hoarded vacation time that is once used in lifetime experiences.
I have a sneak preview of places that I think you should visit at least once in your life. From the brilliant blue water of Belize to the Oman desert, the hidden gems of the world. Now it's time to take travel plans off the self that are postponed and make them a reality.
The following list shows the world with all it's wonderful and enticing variety. Top countries, regions and city you should visit in 2022 are:-


Nepal, it is impossible to talk about Nepal without discussing Mount Everest. But besides Mount Everest, the Himalayan nation has much more for travelers who aren't climbing the highest mountain of the world. In Nepal, the remote region of Mustang which means "fertile plain" the trekkers can explore high deserts, meet local people and dinning on Nepali special coffee with yak butter and Nepali special dishes like Momos that are served in "Kothey" style which is half fried and half steamed.


The great Pyramids of Giza, that is one of the wonders of the world. These Pyramids are located in Egypt. The great Pyramids of Giza have the history of more than 45,00+ years, and architecture is still learning about this architectural marvel every passing year. Last year, the oldest Pyramids of the group in Egypt named as the Pyramid of Dozer, it is about 207-foot-tall, was reopened to the public.


Belize has Mayan ruins, electric blue waters have incredible wildlife, and many more. You can take flight to Belize via direct flight from the North American cities. Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is breathtaking, and United State travelers won't worry about jet lag, and Belize listed in UNESCO world Heritage.


Malawi that is at just 45,747 square miles, and sometimes conceals by its larger neighbors like Tanzania and Mozambique. In Malawi there are a lot of treasures in the "Warm Heart of Africa", all few tourists compete for space along the stunning Lake of Malawi, that is the world's ninth largest lake. Malawi has many same attractions, its cousin is African and is beloved, there is safaris where you can watch baboons, hippos, elephants and many other animals in their habitats, all this you can watch at a fraction of the price.


Vietnam is considered as one of the best country for street food in the world. And Vietnam is in the bucket list of every food travel. The outstanding markets of Vietnam include a wide variety of dishes and these dishes are so cheap that you barely spend a couple of US dollars.
The famous and unique attractions of Vietnam include: The Limestone islands of Ha Long Bay and the largest cave in the world Hang Son Doong. Vietnam is also considered as one of the most affordable and cheapest Asian countries to visit.


Morocco is considered as one of the most affordable African countries, It is also the cheap country to visit, but also have many beautiful places to visit.
The chaotic and colorful city Marrakech in Morocco, many travelers visit Marrakech and explore the Medina and also book tours to the Atlas Mountain or into the Sahara Desert.

The local food you buy at local entries are cheaper instead of restaurants in Jema El Fnaa, which is the main square of tourists.


The hidden gem of Europe that you must visit once in your life is Romania. The beautiful country of Romania has so many cool things to see, but sadly there are few tourists to visit Romania. Transylvania the most highlighted region of Romania is a home to many impressive castles, charming, colorful villages and a lot of quaint. You can visit and explore the majestic Carpathian Mountains, the wilderness and the Black Sea boarding the beaches.

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