Top 14 Haircuts To Try This Summer

Fashion Jul 29, 2022


Yes, Scarlet Johansson can pull off this look better than anybody else, but let's face it... this is the greatest hairstyle for individuals who want to go short but not too short! It draws attention to your cheekbones, and those around you can't help but notice your facial shape. What's great about it is that it looks good even when it's a little sloppy.


An asymmetric cut, whether bob or lob, lends mystery and sophistication to our hair. It's a timeless look that emphasizes the jawline. An asymmetric bob draws attention to the structure of your face and neck. It looks good on all body types and has controllable hair.


Every time we think we've seen the last of bangs, they come creeping back, and we're ready! They've been a hot topic for as long as I can remember, and they're the riskiest styles of all because what if it doesn't work out later? But, hey, that's just life.


Summer is all for breezy, light haircuts, especially when combined with shags. Hoyeon Jung of Squid Games brought it to our attention, and some of us have already gotten this haircut. This type of haircut relieves us of the need for hairstyling tools, as we can simply leave our hair to dry and establish a style on its own.


This hairstyle is ideal for people who like to show off their collarbones! This long bob is ideal for individuals who do not want to go too short but yet want to manage their hair in the summer.


This hairstyle was inspired mostly by the 90's shag and evolved into its elder, more sophisticated sister who enjoys tea parties. The 90's layers is a versatile hairstyle that enhances one's face-framing without removing too much hair. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair types.


The wolf cut is one of the best things TikTok has helped revive. So many individuals attempted it, and in so many different ways. Some even combined wolf cuts with shallots and mullets. After all, lockdown brought out the craziness in most of us - but wolf cut is the best crazy yet.


We all remember Miley Cyrus hyping up the shag haircut for us, but we soon forgot about it. Billie Eilish revived it, and we can't get enough of it. This haircut has an artsy vibe to it and is all about freedom.


This was a popular haircut in the 1990s that was all about cheekbones and summertime. This choppy bob has the shortest layers and is quite stylish. If you have nervousness and want to go for it, take it slowly. Don't cut your hair short on a whim. Determine how short you are comfortable with and gradually progress to the heartthrob cut range.


The blunt bob is ideal for women who want to cut their hair as short as possible in the summer while still looking fashionable. It's also one of the greatest hairstyles for professional women because it offers you a more confident and unwavering appearance. It's doable and timeless.


If you want to attempt something a little more daring than a simple bob or lob, this is the haircut for you. The edgiest and cool haircut is one with chopped layers and a bob. It's daring, entertaining, and dynamic.


If you don't want to lose any length but still want a new style, this is the ideal option. It has a refreshing feel to it and is by far the simplest to style and maintain. Many stylists believe that curtain bangs can also make you look younger.

Mid-Length Cut

If you want some bounce in your hair, this mid-length cut is for you. This haircut is ideal for those who wish to keep things basic but trendy. Simply cut the dead ends and leave your hair alone. Jenna Spino, a renowned hairstylist, even referred to this cut as a "spring cleaning" of one's hair.


The younger sister of blunt bangs, these are all about softness and diversity. If you're not sure whether bangs are for you, this is the ideal bang cut to start with. This hairstyle features feathery layers that are both short and lengthy. The biggest distinction between these and blunt bangs is their thickness of the bangs. Wispy bangs are more airy and distinct.