Tea and Coffee

Dec 14, 2021

But don’t you think that it’s ethically wrong to sell your tea made with harmful chemicals? There is a great deal of scientific evidence that tea is safe and most chemical ingredients used to make tea are not harmful. A 2013 study published in Environmental Research Letters showed that “our tea is one of the safest and most researched sources of antioxidants on Earth.” What would it be like to have hundreds of thousands of people screaming for your creation? That’s the state of chaos scientists have caused. What might happen if the world went in this direction? What are the signs to prove that our planet was under attack?

Today the Earth isn’t under attack. Rather, what happens is our global market for green tea and coffee changed drastically. The teabags produced and sold in 2010 sold at $5.97 billion and $14.1 billion respectively. You must be curious about why this happened and what purpose it serves.

Why Green Tea Is a Big Deal?

Well, according to Green Tea Growers, in 2018 on this planet only 1% of all tea sold is natural. Both natural and non-organic tea sales rose 75% to $216 million. The conclusion of no matter the tea is natural or not, there is a bottle in every kitchen. The popularity of organic tea is also impressive because over 20% of the tea drinks sold are organic.

The Ethical Selling of Natural Tea!

Another study conducted in 2015 found that “the antioxidant content of tea in beans and tea leaves far exceeds that of fruit juices.” (https://julienwainwright.net/sciroyesi/) An ethical criticism about natural tea is the fact that is produced without pesticides, herbicides, herbicides, fertilizers, and herbicides. They also often grow new herbs to add organic teas that are grown in artificial sunlight. Organic tea does not contain artificial pesticides.

What Can Happen if Organic Tea and Coffee are Taken by the Masses?

The Crop Processes Itself!

Tea and coffee farmers around the world rely on the sun on. The crops grow on the sun because it is colder than soil, and it makes the weather more favorable for these plants. These plants must have a nice (sunny) afternoon or late afternoon sun so that they can flourish. But after being grown in this way for a while, they usually reach the (full) maturity in about 24 months. The reason for the shorter maturity is that they are never able to get to the maturity stage naturally on top of their stalks or leaves. Thus, the great vegetables, fruits, insects, fungi, viruses, bacteria, mildew, extreme weather, or diseases that are damaging the plants are more likely to occur naturally.

But, as you can see from the organic tea and coffee market, the growth of organic tea and coffee is not organic. The smooth teas and coffees were the first that became more famous due to their organic qualities and their great organic benefits.

Organic Tea

Furthermore, organic tea can be made directly from the tea leaves by crushing and shaking them. If the plants were grown in an organic area, it would be hard to impact the plants directly on the top of their stalks and leaves. Organic coffee is not grown this way because they grow the plant as a seedling. They water the plant so that the seeds develop and grow slowly on the ground. But organic, cold, and sunny days give the plants the best performance.

Organic Coffee Beans

Organic coffee beans are far more prone to soil damage. But, organic tea and coffee have been grown in their natural state for a long time. Their perishable nature allows for quick growers. Organic tea and coffee beans need special weather conditions to produce coffee, tea, and their natural beverages. You might wonder why organic tea and coffee are still going high! By the use of natural solutions, organic tea and coffee are safe and tasteless. But, organic tea and coffee are only safe when it is taken by the masses. I don’t suggest adding anything harmful to those cups.

The Market Commitment

However, there is a price for why organic tea and coffee are so popular today. These ethical teas and coffees are those expensive and fancy teas and coffees that some of you are spending expensive days or nights at the store. Organic teas and coffees are also available in the natural teas section of your grocery store.

Ethical tea and coffee made for people are more expensive than those made just to make food look nice. When you think about how expensive organic teas and coffees are, you realize how expensive they are. Ethical tea and coffee come from clean plants grown naturally with no chemical ingredients. Therefore, organic teas and coffees can be bought at any store and ready to enjoy. If you know how to buy an organic bean, organic tea, and coffee.