Artificial Intelligence

Technology Dec 24, 2021

The branch of computer science that is concerned with the smart building machines are known as Artificial Intelligence or AI. These machines are capable to perform variety of tasks that require typical human intelligence.

Consequences of artificial intelligence is going to play an important role in shaping our future. We think that artificial intelligence is going to create considerable effects on our lives in upcoming few years. but, is the fact is artificial intelligence already have impact on our daily lives, they affect our decisions and our daily lifestyle.

There are some examples of artificial intelligence  for our every day life.

Search Engine

Searching for things is basically one if the fundamental activity on internet. In the last years and more, search engine has so much powerful and accurate. Which thing make them powerful and accurate is Artificial intelligence. google search is one of the largest go-to search engine only because of the artificial intelligence used behind it, you are using artificial intelligence in effective way using by using artificial intelligence.

Google Lens

Another example of artificial intelligence is google lens these are built on some great technology, and is  fast and accurate for optical reorganization. Google Lens allow us to search anything with the images. Only thing we need to do is to point camera on the thing we wanna search, google lens detect and search the type of the object and gives us accurate information within seconds.

With the help of google lens we can extract text from the images and it can do OCR also. It is only because of Artificial Intelligence in optical reorganization field. Furthermore all libraries of OCR software like Tensor Flow or Tesseract are built on Artificial Intelligence, these software's are used to detect characters in the image. Many popular apps like Adobe Scan, Smart Cropping, Microsoft Office Lens and edge detection are also powered by Artificial Intelligence.  

Google Assistant and Camera

If we use smartphones and other smart devices, we are directly or indirectly using Artificial Intelligence whether we know it or not. From artificial Intelligence many features like built in smart google assistants to the portrait mode in camera, are impacting our daily life. From these examples we see that how Artificial Intelligence  is affecting our life directly or indirectly.

The obvious Artificial Intelligence element that most of us know and have some knowledge about is smart  assistant, it maybe Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. these are more or less based on Artificial Intelligence. Also when we are using the portrait mode, we never thought that Artificial Intelligence is also behind that too. We never thought about iPhones and Google Pixel Phones that shoot great portrait shots are also using Artificial Intelligence.

Nowadays, more and more manufactures like Huawei and Qualcomm are producing their products such as smartphones with built-in capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. In bringing many features like scene detection or virtual and reality mixed elements and many more, Artificial Intelligence integration are used. Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in upcoming years we already seeing its huge emphasis with Android and iOS updates.

Smart Cars and Drones

Smart cars and drones are the prominent and better display of technology using Artificial Intelligence. In the past few years, fully automatic cars was no more than a dream, but now companies like Tesla made progress in manufacturing semi-automatic cars.

More companies like Walmart and Amazon are investing heavily in drones delivery programs. And in the coming years it will become reality, if we think that is far fetched than it is cleared that all around the world many militaries are already using  this drone program successfully.

Prime example of how Artificial Intelligence is impacting our every day life is Tesla cars. Tesla cars are connected with each other and the things your car learns are shared and learned by all other Tesla cars around the globe. It also means that if we take unanticipated hard-right on the road, all cars after updating will know how to overcome that turn.

In US there are more than 500,000 Tesla cars already, and that number is constantly increasing exponentially. The major problem in the production of tesla cars is now solved. And with the manufacture of automatic cars and drones running on roads and flying above us, we won't deny Artificial Intelligence impact on our everyday life.

Video Games

One of the earliest adopter of Artificial Intelligence is probably the video game industry. Artificial Intelligence integration is started at very small level to generate random levels of games that people can play. But that level is increased beyond imagination.

Companies like OpenAl, backbone of Elon Musk, developed OpenAl 5, beating professional level Dota 2 players in one match and beating amateur Dota 2 teams in other match at the same time.

This progress is being achieved by leapfrogging moment in Artificial Intelligence industry. Dota 2 is based on strategists games where players make decisions in every single second and beating pro players in such game are huge achievement for Artificial Intelligence industry.

Now keep Dota 2 aside for some time, and talk about how Artificial Intelligence infiltrate's our gaming industry. The games we play is impacted by Artificial Intelligence in any form. When we play PUBG or Fortnite, we start against some essential Artificial Intelligence-powered bots and then real players. Even if we're playing in single person mode, we are actually playing against Artificial Intelligence bosses directly or indirectly.

Also, if we're playing racing games, we are actually racing against Artificial Intelligence bots. The most interesting use of Artificial Intelligence is probably in game industry in Middle Earth series of games where Artificial Intelligence bots control enemies evolve based when we interact with the other gaming elements.

Online Ads Network

The online ad industry is one of the biggest user of Artificial Intelligence. Online ad industry uses Artificial Intelligence to track user statistics and to serve user ad based on those statistics. Without Artificial Intelligence, online ad industry fails as it shows ads with no connection to user and without and preferences whatsoever.

In determining our interests and serving ads Artificial Intelligence have become very successful, and reached global ad industry from 250 billion dollars to over 300 billion dollars in 2019. So, next time when you see ads or any type of product recommendation to keep in mind that Artificial Intelligence is impacting our life.

Banking and Finance

Today's world is running on money and banks, and these industries play a major role in our everyday life. Banking and finance industries regulate and are gatekeeper of that flow. These industries have to rely on Artificial Intelligence for its services like investment, fraud protection, customer services and many more. One of the important and simple example is the emails received by the banks whenever user does an ordinary transaction. Artificial Intelligence is watching over account activities to prevent user from any kind of fraud.

Artificial Intelligence is trained to look at samples of large fraud data and patterns how to prevent customer or warned them before any kind of fraud. When customer is chatting with bank there are a lot of chances that they are chatting with the Artificial Intelligence bot. In finance industry many big players also use Artificial Intelligence to analyze data, and also find best places to invest money, so they can get large amount of money with minor risk of loss. That is not it, Artificial Intelligence also plays important role in the industry as major bank around the world. These banks are investing billions of dollars in Artificial Intelligence industry and their effects will observe directly and indirectly.

Now we already know how Artificial Intelligence is impacting our everyday life whether directly or indirectly. However, there are some skeptics out that let us take few more examples about Artificial Intelligence impacts on our daily life. Let's talk about navigation and travel industry, we travel a lot from place to another and also use navigational devices thought-out our journey. And you will surprise to know that whether we are calling Uber or we book an airplane ticket, or using Apple Maps or Google map we are using Artificial Intelligence.

If you didn't know about these things, it's time to add up information to your knowledge. Along with other navigational devices Google and Apple Maps use Artificial Intelligence to interpret data points, they receive and give us real time information. When we call Uber both price and car of our request is decided by Artificial Intelligence. Now, we can see how Artificial Intelligence plays essential role in our travel from one point to another.

Smart Home Devices

Now, we are also introducing Artificial Intelligence in our houses. Many household smart devices we buy have integrated Artificial Intelligence that learns our behavior and converts and adjusts themselves about our environment to make our experience with them s smooth as possible. We are taking about smart voice Google assistants that are used to control these smart home devices. These smart voice assistants are the prime and important example if Artificial Intelligence.

Perfect Artificial Intelligence-powered house will soon react to our daily real life choices, and this will happen soon in a decade or more. Furthermore, we will also see the steps that will take us to that point. Looking towards the smart thermostats that adjust the temperature on our preference, and smart lights that with the intensity of light based on time changes its color and many more examples are also there. And it is not far when we interact with our smart home devices with the help of Artificial Intelligence mostly and only.

Smart Speakers

Many people believe that invention of smart speakers is a great step in the success of technology. Beyond many smart home devices, smart speakers also have a lot of tasks to do like we can send quick messages and set reminders, we can also check weather details and also get the latest news from them. Versatility it proved a decisive factor for them from all household smart devices.

Popular Amazon Echo series like Led, the global smart speaker market reached high in 2019 with 149.9 million unit sales, and that is a significant increase as it increases 70% of 2018. Also in the sales of 2019 we saw the whopping of 55.7 million units creating a new record. These smart speakers are generally the most famous and useful example of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday life.

Smart Email Apps

If there are many unwanted messages and cluttered inbox, then there are a lot of chances that you are still in the age of old school email apps, and you are stuck there badly. Yup, I said right! There are many modern email apps like Spark that is mostly made of Artificial Intelligence helps to get rid of spam messages and this app also help to categorized email so that user can access important emails quickly.

Smart Keyboard Apps

Everyone doesn't love to deal with on-screen keyboards. But, they are become more intuitive than before, and it allows us to type more comfortably and faster than before. What makes them so easy to use is Artificial Intelligence. The smart keyboard apps keep the writing styles and also recommend emojis to the user accordingly. So, as a result of this touchscreen typing is become more convenient and fast. This is only because of the Artificial Intelligence, as it plays an important role in misspelling, typos pinpointing.

Security and Surveillance

On debating the ethics of a broad surveillance system, we can't deny the fact that it is also used by Artificial Intelligence and is playing an important role in it. It is not possible for a human mind to keep monitoring many monitors with hundreds and thousands of cameras at the same time, only using Artificial Intelligence makes it possible and perfect.

With facial recognition and object recognition technologies are getting better and are improving day by day. It is not long when security camera is also being monitored by the Artificial Intelligence not by the human. This is our future, and there's still time in its implementation.

Music and Media Streaming Services

Artificial Intelligence is also impacting our lives though music and media streaming platforms like Netflix and many more that we are using on daily basis. Whenever we are using YouTube or Spotify, Artificial Intelligence is making our decisions. If you think that you have proper control on your social media platforms then you are totally wrong. For example, Spotify recommended me weakly playlist that introduce me to many new artists which I wouldn't know before have been also introduced to me by Artificial Intelligence.

On the other hand, a user spending and wasting countless hours on YouTube just watching the recommended videos. That recommended section clearly know my taste and recommend me videos according to it, it's scary. So, remember one thing when clicking on pre-created playlist on Spotify, or watching a recommended Netflix's movie and shows or recommended videos on YouTube, or using any other social media platform including music streaming or media services or many more, that Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in bringing these recommendations to you.

Social Media Feeds, Amazon, and Netflix Recommendations

We talk about smart cars, but these cars are not commonly used, and they don't affect us personally as they are not present in our cities or even in our country. Let's take an example of something that we see and use on daily bases. There are possibilities that you are tweeting even if you are under a rock. If it's not Twitter than it must be Facebook or Snapchat, or Instagram or any other platform of social media. Well, most of the decisions are impacted by Artificial intelligence if you are using social media.

From timeline feeds to the notifications we receive from social media apps are all impacted by Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence takes all our experiences, behaviors, interactions, searches, and every sort of things we do when we're using social media or websites and then tailor these things together just for us. The main purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to make the app addictive so that user comes back to these apps again and again.

Also, the recommendations we see on Amazon after adding products to cart are also base on our browsing history, and all these are based on Artificial Intelligence. Netflix's recommendations are also the result of Artificial Intelligence, and they show us movies and shows according to our preferences.

Artificial Intelligence: The Present and the Future

We see a lot of examples and saw how artificial intelligence impacts on our daily life. We are using a smartphone or surfing internet, or buy an online product, using navigational devices or wasting time on social media scrolling, listening to music or our favorite songs, Artificial Intelligence is impacting our lifestyles our choices directly or indirectly. And in the coming few years we see how Artificial Intelligence impact our life positively or negatively. There are many pros of Artificial Intelligence, but there are also cons of using Artificial Intelligence.